Client Support Consultant

GTI Perth can offer support to clients with staff seconded to client office.

  • Work under client instruction / supervision
  • Support project team as required
  • Offer technical advice to client for a specific scope of work
  • Establish procedures and scope of work for a site investigation
  • Follow client work procedures and health, safety and environmental (HSE) policies

Field Supervision

GTI Perth can offer client site supervision services, including:

  • Liaise with site contractor as work progresses
  • Assess data quality on site as it becomes available
  • Ensure that work is performed as per specification and standard
  • Safeguard health, safety and environmental (HSE) procedures
  • Report to client daily regarding technical and HSE issues
  • Provide close-out report

Geotechnical Testing

GTI Perth can offer testing services to oil and gas, civil, construction and mining industries.  Testing can be performed on site or at GTI Perth laboratory premises. 
Testing includes:

 Classification Testing

  • Particle size distribution
  • Atterberg limits
  • Moisture content
  • Bulk densities
  • Dry density
  • Air dry density for slurry
  • Max & min densities
  • Carbonate content
  • Organic content

Index Testing

  • Motorised lab vane with continuous torque and rotation angle measurement
  • Torvane
  • Pocket penetrometer
  • Sensitivity
  • Thixotropy
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Thermal conductivity

Element Testing

  • Standard consolidation (Oedometer)
  • Non-standard consolidation on samples up to 150mm in diameter
  • Constant rate of strain (CRS) consolidation
  • Rowe cell consolidation
  • Falling head/constant head permeability on samples up to 200mm in diameter
  • Permeability of sample under confinement
  • Standard single and multi-stage direct shear
  • Unconfined compressive strength (UCS)
  • Unconfined unconsolidated (UU) compression
  • Column settlement for slurry
  • Standard single and multi-stage consolidated isotropic undrained / drained (CIU / CID) triaxial
  • Soil-water characteristic curve (SIVEC) for unsaturated soils

    Advanced Testing
    Using advanced technology capable of performing specific loading patterns including cyclic loading.

    • Direct shear machines specifically designed to perform pipe-soil interaction (PSI) testing, constant normal load (CNL) constant normal displacement (CNH) and constant stiffness (CNS) test conditions
    • Tilt table for interface testing at low stress conditions
    • Static consolidated isotropic / anisotropic undrained / drained (CIU / CAU / CID / CAD) triaxial
    • Dynamic CIU / CAU / CID / CAD triaxial
    • Static CIU / CAU / CID / CAD
      simple shear
    • Dynamic CIU / CAU / CID / CAD simple shear
    • Small strain stiffness measurement using Bender Elements
    • Maximum shear modulus (Gmax), shear modulus degradation and damping ratio measurement using resonant column and torsional shear modulus

        Model Testing
        Model testing can be accommodated in the GTI Perth warehouse with a footprint of 266m2. We are experienced in setting up large model tests to simulate near real situation conditions for projects.
        GTI Perth mini T‑bar system (MTS) was developed in-house and can be purchased or hired for testing in box core samples or similar sample sizes and can achieve penetration up

        to 750 mm below sample surface. Both static and cyclic loading can
        be performed with the
        GTI Perth MTS unit.

          Geotechnical Site Characterisation
          From planning to reporting of geotechnical scope of work:

          • Liaise with project team and collect all available data from site
          • Explore all relevant databases
          • Ensure that work is performed as per specification and to the highest standard

          Data Interpretation and Integration
          Interpretation of field and laboratory data to derive engineering parameters required for the design of proposed structures.

          Research & Development
          Continuous development and improvement of equipment and software using latest technology in data acquisition and control. 

          Non-destructive Testing

          GTI Perth is working closely with Geotek to offer scanning of core samples using a self-contained laboratory. Testing can be done
          at GTI Perth facility or on site
          and include:

          • X-ray Computing Tomography (XCT): Imaging of core samples while samples remain inside their liners or sampling tubes. Linear scan images or 3-D images can be generated using this system or Computerised Tomography of samples (CT Scan)
          • High quality core photography scan
          • Geohazard core logging including splitting of core liners, preparation of core surface, detailed sedimentology and geological logging
          • Multi-sensor Core Logger (MSCL): Core samples scanned at set intervals across various types of sensors to determine physical properties of cores. This system, housed at GTI Perth, can provide:
            • Gamma density
            • P-wave velocity
            • Magnetic susceptibility
            • Resistivity
            • X-ray fluorescence (XRF)

          Sample Management and Storage

          • Administer a register of samples, updated as required and provided to client upon request
          • Provide ambient storage within GTI Perth warehouse
          • Provide controlled temperature and humidity storage in bespoke modified 20ft sea container, with continuous monitoring by data loggers